Newborn Portraits – Sariyah

Newborn portraits of beautiful Monifieth tot, Sariyah


I was rather excited about creating beautiful newborn portraits of  little Sariyah as her 2 big sisters and 2 big brothers go to the same school and nursery as our girls, so over the years I have watched their wee family of 5 grow to 7!  There is definitely good genes in this family because all 5 are very beautiful little kids with their own unique wee looks yet clearly all related.  I must admit I was a tad scared about trying to get 5 children in one photo with them all looking the right way, but they were so well behaved and took direction amazingly, I will post some photos of them all in a later blog but for now this one is all about little Sariyah!

Sariyah is a teeny wee bundle of gorgeousness!  She is very alert when she is awake with these big gorgeous eyes that take everything in.   I loved photographing her and her brothers and sisters 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites of little Sariyah

Hi there



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