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    Nicola Denny of 'Newborns by Nicola' is an international award winning and professionally qualified specialist newborn photographer. Nicola won SWPP Members Choice General Photographer of the year 2011, became associate qualified in 2013 and most recently became the first female photographer in Scotland to be awarded the Craftsman qualification with The Guild of Photographers!

    As a mother of 3 young girls and photographer of hundreds of babies over the past 5 years you can rest assured your precious newborn is in excellent hands.

    Our studio is in the lovely seaside town Arbroath. Despite the rural location we are extremely easily accessed from all main routes allowing visitors from Dundee, Angus, Tayside, Fife, Perth, St Andrews, Stirling & Aberdeen.

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Bump 2 Baby – Welcome Baby Penelope into the world!

Maternity & Baby Photography Studio in Arbroath, Scotland.

I love when my baby photography clients return as their families grow!  I met Mummy Dawn almost exactly 5 years ago to photograph her gorgeous baby daughter Bethany!  Earlier this month Dawn came in looking amazing, especially considering she was literally days away from giving birth!  Yesterday I was delighted to welcome little baby Penelope into the studio!

Penelope was a dream baby, apart from a wee grunt or squeak here or there she barely made a noise through the newborn portrait session… she was so good I decided to try out a shot Ive fancied doing for a while but just never had the perfect prop for it!  As you all probably know we are stocking a fab range of furniture from Pepped Up Studio (which you can see HERE) so I thought why not make use of some of the pieces while they are here! So the amazing blue dresser that I have in my studio was pulled across and we stuck wee Penelope in a drawer!  This post will come with the usual disclaimer of no babies were harmed in the making of this shot!  It was all very safely done with weights in the back of the drawer and mums hand inches away in case she moved at all so no need to worry.

I love it!  I love creating fun images, something a wee bitty different.  I first got this idea after seeing my friends a fellow photographers Dave Silvester and Christina Lauder (who is holding a workshop on child portraiture in my studio by the way! See HERE for more info) do a similar shot and just knew I had to create my own version of it!  I may be a wee copycat but in the world of photography we all get inspiration from here, there and everywhere and I am not afraid to say I do ‘borrow’ ideas.  However I do them in my own style and create an image that is ‘me’ and not just a straight copy.

Bump 2 Baby plan sessions are my favourite as it’s a great way to get to know the parents before their little one arrives!  We still have our Bump 2 Baby plan available at an introductory price of £59 (usually £89).  This will be ending soon though and we are off on our travels from mid june to mid july so we do recommend getting in touch as soon as you can to book in your sessions.

So here is little Penelope from Bump 2 Baby!  Isn’t she just the cutest little munchkin?  And how fabulous did Dawn look in all her glowing bumpy goodness!!

Pepped Up Studio – High Quality & Fun Furniture!

Upcycled Furniture Now Available at Newborns by Nicola!

Pepped Up Studio is my ‘go-to’ place for any furniture I need.  I discovered them a couple of years ago and have been hooked on upcycled furniture ever since, with my home and studio donning quite a number of gorgeous colourful pieces! You can see my studio furniture on THIS page:)

These awesome ladies source high quality and sturdy furniture locally and then ‘pep’ them up with some love and attention!  There are a number of reasons why I love to shop at Pepped Up Studio…

First the furniture is all high quality, stuff thats got a number of years behind it but also a bunch left in the tank! It’s not flat pack, mdf furniture that breaks within a year.  This stuff is solid and will withstand the test of time.  The pieces I have in my home look as good as the day I got them, and thats with 3 kids who don’t seem to know what a coaster is or a gentle touch when putting something down!

Secondly I love that every piece is unique!  I have a little unit in my hallway, it is so cool!  A really unique shape and just looks fab!  I very much doubt anyone else has a unit in their home exactly like it!

thirdly… the colours are AMAZING!!!  I actually have a beautiful unit in my studio which matches the colour of the ‘Newborns by Nicola’ in my logo! How cool is that?!?

And lastly the ladies behind Pepped Up Studio are just lovely!  You can tell they absolutely love what they do and they will go out of their way to help you find the perfect piece of furniture!

So…. Im not just writing this blog post to shout about how fabulous Pepped Up Studio are (which they are!) and how I think you should all definitely check them out (you definitely should!)!  I am writing this because I am super excited to say that the Newborns by Nicola Studio now stocks a lovely collection of items!  You can see everything we have available in the photos below!  That blue dresser and red table I just LOVE!  Right up my street, if I had the space they would already be in my home!

If anything catches your eye then please send me an email to nicola@newbornsbynicola.com or even just pop into the studio!  We are generally open 9:30-2:30 mon-fri but best to call ahead on 07807 656104 in case we are out or mid session!

You can check out and ‘like’ the Pepped Up Studio facebook page HERE!


Digitial vs Print – the big debate!

As a baby photographer one of the first questions I get asked regularly when a potential client enquires about a newborn or baby photo session is ‘How much is it for digital files on a disk?’  When I tell them the cost it often scares them away as in the digital age there are an abundance of photographers who charge very little for a photo session plus all the images on a disk.

My question is this… Why do you want digital?

From my own research it seems to me most people want digital because it can often be the cheapest option and it takes away the need to make a decision between which of their baby photos they want to buy.

Yes having all of the baby photos from your photography session is great but one day you will need to decide which ones you print to go on the wall or in an album…. or will you?  How many of you reading this have had a photo session and received a disk and the disk is sat in a drawer?  Do you know that disk storage is on its way out?  In fact many new computers don’t even have disk drives! So what are you going to do when you go to print them and there is no way to get them off the disk, or even worse the disk is corrupt and unusable?  Disks aren’t infallible and don’t last forever.  USB is now the best option… but then come 5, 10 years down the line will there be some new technology that replaces USB?

Don’t get me wrong disk/USB is a great way to have all the images!  I bought the disk option from my wedding and 2 photo sessions of my kids.  However 1 of the sessions is still on the disk… where Im not sure, Im not even sure if it will still work if I put it in my computer!  My wedding and the other photo session though I printed out all of the images to put in a box to keep safe and I got my favourites printed huge for around the house.  Again the disks are sitting in a drawer some place but at least this time I know they are all printed and safe, not at the mercy of unreliable media and technological change.  In the end too I think I spent more between the disks and printing myself than I would have buying what I really wanted to buy from the photographers!

Ultimately I think when people go for a baby or family photoshoot their main intention is to get something beautiful for their walls and I know from my own experience my families that do buy for their wall have lots more satisfaction from their purchase than those buying the digital files.  The smiles on their faces when I unveil their beautiful images ready to put right up on their walls makes my day every time!

You may ask ‘well why do you offer digital files?’  Well in this day and age I would be silly not to!  However I price them high, higher than my wall products.  Why would you buy digital files if for almost £200 less you could get a large image printed and framed ready for your wall, a couple of desk frames and a bunch of prints?  I can guarantee those products, held in your hands will make you happier than a wee USB that you have to plug into your computer to look at!  Also if you do buy the USB and go to print it… do you go to a professional lab? or Asda, Boots etc?  Don’t get me wrong these places are great for printing out your day to day snaps but why pay all this money to get a professional to create your images, working tirelessly to make sure the colours are perfect and the image is the best it can be to then take it to a grocery store printer where the printers aren’t specially calibrated and the prints match nothing like what they are meant to look like! Here is a blog post from the fabulous ‘Paint the Moon’ where you can see how wildly consumer print labs can vary.

I do understand the importance of digital though so that is why I include it in my pricing, and some of my collections actually include a USB of all the images.  Also every purchased image can be given as a web ready watermarked image to share in email and on social media.  However for me digital should be an add on or an extra, not the main product.  Maybe I am a bit precious about how my work ends up but the signals my families give me all weigh heavily in the direction of beautiful printed and ready to use rather than digital which makes me so happy!

I hope this all doesn’t come across as too much of a rant, I have tried to be balanced as I do see the benefit in both but when I sit and have a cup of tea in my studio looking at all the beautiful wall art I just cant help but wonder why would anyone opt for digital when you can take home something so beautiful and ready to put on your wall… or why have a usb when you could have a beautiful album to flick through anytime.

Just food for thought…


Breastfeeding in public!

This morning while flicking through Facebook while munching my breakfast the subscriber cover of Elle Australia popped up, shared by one of my newborn mummies.  I LOVE it!  Here is a link to the story!

Now don’t worry I’m not a breastfeeding nazi who thinks breast is best and all the rest sucks.. not at all!  One thing I am passionate about though is the stigma that comes with breastfeeding in public, it makes me so, so angry seeing stories about women being asked to leave a premises or go feed their child in a bathroom!

When my first daughter was just 3 weeks old (she’s now 8) I remember going into Dundee to get some last minute Christmas shopping.  It was so busy and being a brand new mum I didn’t have the confidence to just find a quiet space to sit and feed her.  I ended up in the bathroom feeding her and that just sucks.  I know in the Overgate centre there is a little room for baby feeding somewhere but I couldn’t find it and Allanah was showing me how loud she could scream at that point so I just gave up the hunt.  I feel that if it was much more common place to see mums breastfeeding in public I would maybe have had the confidence to just feed my baby instead of letting her get stressed (and myself too!) trying to find the only baby feeding room in the massive shopping centre.  I also remember escaping and sitting in the car many a time to feed her if we were out somewhere.  By baby number 3, Bronte, though I had gave up caring!  When she needed fed I fed her where I was!  To be honest its so discreet feeding a baby half the time no one even notices!  If I could go back and tell my young, new mum self anything it would be to relax and just feed her!  The more commonplace it is the more people will relax and feel comfortable to feed their babies.

Heres a funny story actually….  When Bronte was just about a week old we went to Brechin Steam Railway for the Thomas Tank day.  We had great fun on the steam train and just as we were needing to get back off at the station Bronte got very hungry.  She was in her moby wrap (superb invention!!) so I just adjusted her and let her feed whilst I got off the train and went to find somewhere to sit.  Before I found a seat the fat controller (who wasn’t fat at all might I add LOL) stopped me and started to ask how old she was etc, etc he had no clue whatsoever that he was chatting away to me while I fed her.  My face was a tad red mind you!!  But it just shows you, it is so discreet to feed your baby!  I really don’t understand why it is made to be such a big deal and how people can actually justify sending a mother to a bathroom to feed her child!  It wouldn’t happen with a bottle fed baby so why with a breast fed baby!  It is so Ironic since we are naturally meant to breastfeed!

Babies need fed milk….breast or bottle its a personal choice but both ways should be treated with respect.  Breastfeeding mums should be able to feed their babies without the stigma of feeding in public, likewise bottle feeding mummies should be able to feed their babies with formula without the breast is best brigade descending on them.  As long as baby is fed, healthy and happy does it really matter?

So Nicole Trunfio I salute you!  What a beautiful image:)

ps… The Newborns by Nicola studio is a pro breast & bottle feeding zone!  You won’t get sent to the bathroom here!;)


#throwbackthursday to November 2012!

Throwback Thursday and another little post on creating fun and safe newborn images!

This blog post is a bit of a follow on from yesterdays post regarding how I stitch multiple images together to create what is called a composite to create one beautiful (and safe) image.  This image also falls into the throwback thursday theme of the day!  This image of cutie pie Rory was taken in November 2012, he was actually the first session in my old, old studio in Dundee! So that means Rory will now be about 2 1/2!  time flies!

So this image, like yesterdays is made up of two images!  I no longer have the original files to share from this but I will explain how its done…

Rory’s mummy brought along lots of awesome props to their session such as the biggest teddy bear in the world, a little golf club and golf hat etc etc… LOTS of cool stuff, I had SO much fun (I absolutely adore creating images using personal items so if you are coming for a session please bring me some fun stuff to incorporate!).  So one thing she wanted to incorporate was her love of Shoes and handbags (girl after my own heart!).  So after a bit of thought the logical thing to do was to pop Rory in a handbag and hold it in the air! haha just kidding!

So for this shot what I did was put weights in the bottom of the handbag so it wouldn’t topple and then stuffed it with blankets so it stood up nice and firm.  I then made a space in the blankets and placed Rory in all snug as a bug!  I then got mum who was right next to the bag in case Rory moved of course to lift up the bag handles so that it was positioned as it would be if she had been holding the bag.  I then took the photo of Rory in the bag. The bag remained on the floor at all times and Rory was extremely safe and contented.

I then took Rory out and passed him to Daddy for a cuddle.  Next I took a photograph of mum holding the empty handbag, making sure it was at the same angle as the image with Rory in it.  Once I had the two images I was able to place one on top of the other and voila with some Photoshop wizardry I was able to create the image below!

This image 2 1/2 years later is still one of my very favourite baby photos and was actually featured in my Associate and Craftsman qualification panels.