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  • International Award Winning & Associate Qualified Specialist Newborn Photographer

    Nicola Denny of 'Newborns by Nicola' is an international award winning and professionally qualified specialist newborn photographer. Nicola won SWPP Members Choice General Photographer of the year 2011, became associate qualified in 2013 and most recently became the first female photographer in Scotland to be awarded the Craftsman qualification with The Guild of Photographers!

    As a mother of 3 young girls and photographer of hundreds of babies over the past 5 years you can rest assured your precious newborn is in excellent hands.

    Nicola works alongside her husband Kris who keeps her in check whilst keeping everything run smoothly. This allows Nicola to focus on making the best artwork for your family to treasure for many generations to come.

    We are based just outside Dundee in a lovely peaceful location. Despite the rural location we are extremely easily accessed from all main routes allowing visitors from Dundee, Angus, Tayside, Fife, Perth, St Andrews, Stirling & Aberdeen.

Newborn Portraits – Sariyah

Newborn portraits of beautiful Monifieth tot, Sariyah


I was rather excited about creating beautiful newborn portraits of  little Sariyah as her 2 big sisters and 2 big brothers go to the same school and nursery as our girls, so over the years I have watched their wee family of 5 grow to 7!  There is definitely good genes in this family because all 5 are very beautiful little kids with their own unique wee looks yet clearly all related.  I must admit I was a tad scared about trying to get 5 children in one photo with them all looking the right way, but they were so well behaved and took direction amazingly, I will post some photos of them all in a later blog but for now this one is all about little Sariyah!

Sariyah is a teeny wee bundle of gorgeousness!  She is very alert when she is awake with these big gorgeous eyes that take everything in.   I loved photographing her and her brothers and sisters:)

Here are a few of my favourites of little Sariyah

Newborn Pictures – Abigail

Newborn Pictures with beautiful Baby Girl Abigail

Meet super cute Abigail and her adorable wee chubby feet!! We love baby feet here at Newborns by Nicola…..and chubby thighs….and long lashes….and sleepy smiles….yep we love all aspects of teeny tiny cuties!

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph little Abigail twice because the first session didn’t go so well due to issues with colic, but thats ok as it meant double the baby cuddles yey!  Abigail was so cute and the most amazing smile that just takes over her whole face!

Newborn sessions don’t always go to plan and on the odd occasion where it is clear it just isn’t going to work that day we will always schedule a second session!  I often have parents coming in worrying that their wee ones won’t cooperate, however 95% of the time they will do just fine so please if you have a session booked and you have a wee monkey that likes a good cry don’t worry at all, you will likely find they are good as gold!:)

Anyways back to Abigail! Look at those wee toes and that smile!!  She is such a cutie pie:)

Abigail’s mummy received a voucher for a session with us after attending an antenatal yoga class called Yogabellies with the lovely Austen Tod!  If you are in the early stages of your pregnancy do check out Yogabellies Dundee!  I recently photographed one of the classes and it was so relaxing, they ladies looked so peaceful! Plus if you book a block you will receive a complimentary newborn session!:)

Here are my favourites of beautiful little Abigail!


Baby Photos – Lewis

Baby Photos – Lewis – Newborn Photographs in Dundee & Angus.


Meet handsome little man Lewis!  Isn’t he just lovely?

I had a fantastic newborn session with Lewis where we got lots of stunning baby photos.  Lewis was very alert and it took a wee while to get him all nice and sleepy, but once he was in the land of nod he was fantastic, even allowing us to get the tricky ‘frog’ pose seen below.  This image has some magic touches so please be aware wee one was supported at all times!:)

I have lots of trick up my sleeve for getting little ones to sleep, such as lightly stroking with one finger down their nose… Most of my parents take that trick home with them, along with using white noise!  However if your wee one takes a bit of coercing to sleep you may find some great tips HERE!

As mentioned Lewis was fantastic during his session and at the end we created some lovely family images however little Lewis had other plans!!  Daddy got covered right down to his shoes with baby poop!  Mummy didn’t get off lightly either when he promptly wee-wee’ed all over her too! For such a wee man he certainly finished the session creating quite a stir!  :)

Here are a selection of our favourite images from his session.  Such a cute wee man! LOVED his session:)

Baby Photos -LewisBaby Photos -LewisBaby Photos -LewisBaby Photos -LewisBaby Photos -Lewis

If you would like beautiful images of your newborn please click on our contact page above or please visit our investment page for how to book!


Nicola x

Newborn Portraits – Ruby

Newborn Portraits of Beautiful Little Ruby

Newborn Portraits in Dundee & Angus, Scotland


One of my most favourite things about newborn portraiture is the ability to personalise the session to make it all the more special to the parents.   Ruby’s Daddy brought along his guitar and very cool guitar case so of course we had to have some fun!  Ruby was a great little sleeper so we were able to work through all our ‘must have’ newborn photos along with the more adventurous images using the guitar and guitar case.  I think the results speak for themselves!  I can’t wait to see the one with the guitar case in the amazingly beautiful, chunky black frame that Ruby’s Mummy and Daddy have chosen:)

Newborn Photographers have to be flexible as babies arrive on their own agenda so we cannot predict when exactly they will arrive.  However we are very booked up and booking well into 2015 already so we do recommend booking as soon as possible after the 12 week scan and before the 20 week one where possible.  That is not to say don’t get in touch if you have only found us after wee one has arrived our close to your due date though!  We will do our very best to fit you in the diary but we can only guarantee those who have booked in advance.  So please if you are past you 12 week scan please get in touch to book by clicking on this page!:)

Here are some of our favourites of little Ruby, I am sure you will all agree she is just scrumptious:)


Ruby: Newborn Portraits in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Photographs in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Portraiture in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn images in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Photos in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Portraits in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Portraits in Dundee & AngusRuby: Newborn Portraits in Dundee & Angus

Newborn Photographs – Grace.

Newborn Photographs with Beautiful Baby Girl Grace


Newborn Photographs & Baby Portraiture in Dundee & Angus, Scotland


Being a Newborn Photographer is amazing in so many ways, I just love it!  One of the biggest reasons why I love it is that I get to see so many little families grow.  A little over 2 years ago I had the pleasure of photographing handsome little Barclay when he was 3 weeks old.  Now he is rambunctious, curious little toddler with these heart melting big brown eyes framed with super long lashes! He is just adorable with the cheekiest wee smile!

So here we are 2 years on and Barclay recently welcomed his beautiful new baby sister, Grace into the world.  Grace can certainly give Barclay a run for his money in the cuteness stakes and is equally blessed with super long eyelashes (I have a wee thing for eyelashes! My youngest Bronte has lashes to die for!)

Graces baby portraiture session started off amazingly, we got lots of family shots etc and then little Miss Grace decided that she would rather just eat and have cuddles instead!  Wee monkey!  I will let her off though as she gives great cuddles and is super cute!

In the end we got lots of beautiful images, but I must say my favourite is the very last image of the day (last image in this blog post!) where Grace had got to a point where she had just had enough and wanted us all to know about it!  Tearful images are a bit of a marmite thing i guess, you either love them or hate them… I personally love them as it preserves a side of a personality that is rarely captured on camera.  love it!:)


Nicola x


If you would like to see more beautiful newborn photographs please view our portfolio and then go HERE to find out how to book!:)




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