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    Nicola Denny of 'Newborns by Nicola' is an international award winning and professionally qualified specialist newborn photographer. Nicola won SWPP Members Choice General Photographer of the year 2011, became associate qualified in 2013 and most recently became the first female photographer in Scotland to be awarded the Craftsman qualification with The Guild of Photographers!

    As a mother of 3 young girls and photographer of hundreds of babies over the past 5 years you can rest assured your precious newborn is in excellent hands.

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#throwbackthursday to November 2012!

Throwback Thursday and another little post on creating fun and safe newborn images!

This blog post is a bit of a follow on from yesterdays post regarding how I stitch multiple images together to create what is called a composite to create one beautiful (and safe) image.  This image also falls into the throwback thursday theme of the day!  This image of cutie pie Rory was taken in November 2012, he was actually the first session in my old, old studio in Dundee! So that means Rory will now be about 2 1/2!  time flies!

So this image, like yesterdays is made up of two images!  I no longer have the original files to share from this but I will explain how its done…

Rory’s mummy brought along lots of awesome props to their session such as the biggest teddy bear in the world, a little golf club and golf hat etc etc… LOTS of cool stuff, I had SO much fun (I absolutely adore creating images using personal items so if you are coming for a session please bring me some fun stuff to incorporate!).  So one thing she wanted to incorporate was her love of Shoes and handbags (girl after my own heart!).  So after a bit of thought the logical thing to do was to pop Rory in a handbag and hold it in the air! haha just kidding!

So for this shot what I did was put weights in the bottom of the handbag so it wouldn’t topple and then stuffed it with blankets so it stood up nice and firm.  I then made a space in the blankets and placed Rory in all snug as a bug!  I then got mum who was right next to the bag in case Rory moved of course to lift up the bag handles so that it was positioned as it would be if she had been holding the bag.  I then took the photo of Rory in the bag. The bag remained on the floor at all times and Rory was extremely safe and contented.

I then took Rory out and passed him to Daddy for a cuddle.  Next I took a photograph of mum holding the empty handbag, making sure it was at the same angle as the image with Rory in it.  Once I had the two images I was able to place one on top of the other and voila with some Photoshop wizardry I was able to create the image below!

This image 2 1/2 years later is still one of my very favourite baby photos and was actually featured in my Associate and Craftsman qualification panels.


I always wondered how you did that! – Baby photos with a Little added magic!

Newborn Baby Portraits with added Magic at our Arbroath Photography Studio


I do a lot of images that may have you wondering ‘hmmm is that safe?’ , well in short, yes very safe!

Safety during my baby photo sessions is tantamount!  There is no way I would ever put a baby in danger to get the ‘perfect’ shot.

Sometimes it is simple things like placing weights in the bottom of baskets so they don’t tip or having a parent beside the baby in or on a prop with their hand just an inch or two off the baby so that if they even move the tiniest bit then a safe hand can be placed on baby.

Other times we have to take 2 or 3 or more shots to combine later on to get the perfect shot.  Take this shot for example…

 This photograph is made up of two images.  First we photographed big sister Rebecca holding the branch with the little stork pouch tied onto it.  The branch was a little long so Daddy used a supporting hand to hold it at the right angle.

Next I pulled my beanbag across and untied the stork pouch from the stick.  Then on the beanbag coaxed little Evie into position inside the stork pouch.  As a babies head is quite heavy compared to the rest of the body I had to make sure the body was lower than the head, but for added support and safety when Evie’s Mummy lifted the pouch she placed a hand underneath.  The pouch was only lifted a couple of inches off the beanbag so if Evie started to move at all it would be lowered right back down.

So once I had these 2 images I then made some digital magic in the fabulous program which is Adobe Photoshop!  And voila we have a beautiful, fun and most importantly safe image!

Over the course of the next few weeks I plan to share more of these before and after images as I really do feel it will help my expectant mummies know what to expect from their session and it may even get your mind buzzing with ideas that we could try in your baby photo session!  I LOVE working together with families to create something truly awesome!

If you are a baby photographer and keen to learn about how to safely photograph newborns I am actually teaching at the SWPP convention in London in January 2016! Email me at nicola@newbornsbynicola.com or click HERE for more info!

5 Things you may not know about Newborn Baby Photo Sessions!

Newborn baby photography sessions are just fab, everyone should have one as your little cherub is only teeny for such a short space of time! I know they can also be a bit daunting for new parents as everything is new at that point and generally my mums are still feeling rather tired and a bit shell shocked from their birth experience. It is for this reason I want to write this blog.. to give some piece of mind and and a wee insight into my world!

1) Newborn sessions are usually around 2 hours… some babies rock it and are done in just an hour, some take a little coaxing and can be as long as 4 hours. Every baby is different and I schedule for that accordingly! And please, please, please don’t worry if it is taking longer than you expect…I love the extra baby cuddles! I would much rather take a bit of time and patience to get you these beautiful images than rush through and take rubbish ones! I will go with the flow of your little one. If it is clear that baby is just not happy to be photographed we will always reschedule for another day to make sure we get plenty of beautiful baby photos!

2) I get pee’ed and poo’ed on pretty much every single session, it is just second nature now to wipe it up and continue on:)Most babies tend to aim their pee so that it looks like It’s me who had the accident, little monkeys! haha

3)A lot of my families mention that baby has flaky skin or spots. This is not an issue and I work with it every day and if needed I can touch it up with some editing magic. I personally love a wee bit of flakiness as it shows how new they are but I am happy to remove it if preferred

4)Can you have family photos? Yes of course you can! I love photographing new families! Generally we do close up images so you don’t have to worry about your post pregnancy body at all!

5)Your baby will eat more than normal throughout the session!  Im sorry to say if you have a wee feeding routine already in place, for the few hours you are here your baby will likely not follow that schedule.  For the lovely sleepy shots we need a nice and full tummy of milk so remember bring a few bottles if bottle-fed.


I hope this gives you all a little insight into a newborn photo session!  Watch out for our next blog where we will tell you all about how we safely create some of our more exciting baby images such as this one of little Rebecca and Evie that you can see HERE!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our newborn baby photo session, we would be delighted to help!


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Baby Photos of Little Evie and Big Sister Rebecca!

Baby Portraits in Arbroath, Scotland

Beautiful newborn baby Evie and her big sister Rebecca

I love to create fun and interesting portraits but my biggest focus of course has to be on safety throughout the session. This photograph of little Evie and her sister Rebecca was so much fun to create and took a little more work than your run of the mill sibling portrait!

First I took a photo of Rebecca holding the stick with the little stork pouch attached (no baby in it though!), while this was going on little Evie was safely in mummies arms having a cuddle. I then took the stork pouch off the branch, pulled across my beanbag and started to prepare the shot of Evie. Once I got Evie settled into the perfect position her mummy lifted the pouch off the beanbag just a couple of inches, with her spare hand underneath supporting Evie. I then took the shot and continued through the other shots from the session. Evie pretty much slept the whole time! Wee superstar:)

After the session finished I loaded all the photographs onto my computer and took the two shots into the magic program that is photoshop and worked some magic and the result is the image below! Cool isn’t it?

I LOVE this shot and can’t wait to show their parents the rest of the images on Sunday!

Baby photos Scotland

May 14, 2015 - 12:14 pm

lisa melrose - Nicola has done an amazing job with this picture. Very clever indeed. Her studio is lovely and she is very talented when dealing with newborns. She kept Evie calm all the way through I was very impressed. Cant wait to see the other pictures.

Newborn Portraits of Sweet Halle.

Newborn Portraits of little Arbroath Baby Halle

sweet baby portraiture in Scotland

There are so many reasons why newborn photography makes me happy! I love the baby cuddles, I love hearing about their early days, how they chose the name etc etc. Litte Halle Sofia’s name was chosen by her big brother… those with little kids may recognise the names… Her big brothers favourite shows are Sofia the first and Doc Mcstuffins! Not a big jump to see why he chose those names! haha. Too cute!

Little Halle was a great little baby to photograph, so contented and I just love the images we created.  She was also our first newborn from Arbroath to be photographed in our new studio in Arbroath!

If you would like Newborns by Nicola to photograph your little bundle please get in touch during pregnancy to book as we book up very quickly:)

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